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RV & Boat Storage Buildings

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The economics of the local area are a significant factor in deciding the type of storage you should provide. Most of today's vehicle enthusiasts want to protect their investment with fully enclosed structures. The cost of RVs and Boats can run upwards of $1million and more. Some type of perimeter fencing is a must, anything ranging from simple chain link fencing with razor wire to a solid block wall. A 24 hour access is often a requirement for this type of storage.
There are four primary types of storage for boats and Rvs, and each has its advantages and disadvantages for you and your tenants. The more substantial the building structure the more costly it will be however this will provide more protection and security for the more expensive vehicles stored in the building. A fully enclosed building with doors is the most secure and is ideal for the more expensive RVs or Boats. The minimum unit width for both is 12 feet, with most units being 15 feet up to a maximum of 20 feet. The depth of each unit should be a minimum of 45 or 50 feet, the height of the building is normally 16 feet with a 12-by-14 steel roll up door either chain hoist operated or a power operated door. The per-square-foot cost of this type building is more expensive however this type of building will command a much higher rental revenue for you the owner.
Remember the great news is, in this market supply has not caught up with the demand. It is not to late for you to capitalize on this very lucrative business, Few business offer the opportunity to participate without being an expert. You may have spent your career in another unrelated Business but see RV and Boat storage as a good investment with a good return. All you need is single-source manufacture like ABCO AMERICAN INC. that has the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process to a successful venture.
ABCO AMERICA INC. offers quality maintenance free steel RV and Boat storage Buildings all competitively priced, as well as building design, engineering and building construction from a single source, saving you time and expense.
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Posted: Tue Apr 11 17:49:03 2017 GMT

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